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Clipper Depot came about because there was a need for Barber to Shop at and feel at home. With over 30 years in the beauty industry, the growth of Barbering could not go unnoticed. Barbers now have a place to shop all the newest items with the best prices possible. If you saw it on Instagram and don’t know where to buy it, we probably have it. We work hard in trying to find all the newsiest and best products out there for Barber.


We wanted to create a store where you can look and keep looking and still want to look more.  We are always looking to find out what You the Barber want. So feel free to reach out to use and let us know what products you would like to see here. If your looking to sell in your barber shop, let us know so we can talk about our Wholesale Prices.


We are a family business and we love to serve all the local business. Thank you for taking time and reading this and shopping with us. God Bless you. 

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